Cobham Christmas lights turn on – Friday Nov 25


The new Fairmile – thoughts?


Stop your gassing

Whisper it quietly but roadworks don’t always have the best reputation.

Work doesn’t get done every single day that’s all I’m saying.

With Cobham and DownsIde and all who travel through them facing months of misery I propose a simple idea.

Add a comment below or send me a tweet at @cobhamblogger if ever, or whenever, you see the roadworks unattended during work hours.

And please tell me your traffic diversion hell stories as well

Here’s the list of work thanks to a visitor to the Cobham Blogger

First week of September 2011 to end of November 2011 Horsley Road from Effingham direction Downside Bridge Road Controlled by lights
First week of November 2011 for 2 weeks Downside Bridge Road Closure (with Gas)
Last week in November 2011 for 4 weeks Part of Fairmile Lane Controlled by lights
Second week in January 2012 for 4 weeks Water Lane Road Closure
Second week in February 2012 for 10 weeks Stoke Road Controlled by lights
Last week in April 2012 for 6 weeks Mill Road and Riverhill Controlled by lights
First week of June 2012 for 4 weeks Church Street Road closure
Within the next 7 to 10 days until 3rd week in October 2011 Between Streets Controlled by lights
Last week of October for 4 weeks Downside Bridge Road (section between Church Street to the other side of the river bridge Road closure
End of November 2011 to end of January 2012 with break for Christmas and New Year The rest of Downside Bridge Road Controlled by lights

Last week of February 2012 until end of 3rd week in March 2012 The rest of Downside Bridge Road Controlled by lights

Hostages to fortune?

Sorry for the absence over the past few days.

The Cobham Blogger is very pleased that Mark is unharmed after being taken hostage and forced to ransack Gordon Mark jewellers.

Leaving the police investigation aside, what does this horrible incident mean for Cobham?

It must be the first but will it be the last?

Blockade of Cobham ends

The great blockade of western Cobham is over it seems.

After weeks of taking cut throughs over the estate and queuing to get off the A3 the lights are down.

Was it just me or did it seem as if they could have been brought down a bit earlier?

I like to mooove it

Did you see the cow that ran through the High Street today? Local newspaper the Elmbridge Guardian says it was finally rounded up near Big Fry.
It apparently came from the field near the Running Mare because of the rain.
This was the cue for their Cobham reporter to go cow-pun crazy on Twitter for about two hours.
Presumably the cow was hunting for a bargain in the High Street shops.

Station clampers

Why does everybody seem to be so quick to judge our friendly neighbourhood wheel clampers?

Here’s the latest:

“Has anyone spoken to you about the insane wheel clamping at Cobham train station? I am sure it cannot be legal.
I went to collect my daughter from a school trip to London at 11:30PM. While I was waiting in the car park for the 11:41PM train to arrive I saw a mother arrive and park in one of the reserved parkings close to the station. She must have walked about 20m from her car (well within sight) when a man jumped out of a white panel van and began to clamp her car. I am not exageratting when I say that he lept out of his car and ran to hers as fast as he could – he must have been watching and waiting!
Now I know that she should not have parked there but it was very late at night and the reserved car park was mostly empty (two cars in it). The mother saw him clamping her car and came running over to move it (this all took place in under two minutes). She asked him if she could move her car but he was having none of it. At this point she was crying and had to phone her husband to come out in another car to help her. After a few mninutes of begging by the mother the train arrived. The man then started to panic with so many other parents and kids arriving that he phoned his friend who had a tow truck to remove the car. At this point I had to collect my daughter and went home. According to what I heard, the mother was fined about £500! Surely this is unacceptable and illegal. I would like to know if any other people had fallen foul of this clamping cowboy.”
Well, has anyone?